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165 Eaton Place

The wreath above the mantelpiece is furred with dust. The chandelier is festooned with cobwebs. Then a key turns in the lock — and a handsome millionaire walks in, with the woman he loves in his arms...

Set in 1936, this lavish three-part serial invites viewers old and new across the threshold of television’s most famous address — 165 Eaton Place.

This comm is for the new series of Upstairs Downstairs made the BBC. Discussion about the original series are also welcome. Posts pertaining only to the old series belong better in 165_eaton_place.

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  1. Spoilers and adult content must be posted under an <lj-cut>.
  2. No bashing of characters, ships, cast and crew, or the old show will be tolerated.
  3. Not more than three icons/thumbnails or one video embed posted outside an <lj-cut> as teasers.
  4. Posts of a dubious nature must be friends-locked. If in doubt, it's better to err on the safe side and lock the post.
  5. News should include a source whenever possible. Speculation posts are allowed as long as they are marked as such to avoid confusion.
  6. Fanfiction should have a header with a rating and spoiler notice. Real Person Fiction is not allowed.
  7. No posts about filming tip-offs that aren't advertised to the public. This includes stalking of cast and crew.
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